In an article from its Sunday edition – the most widely read throughout the week – dedicated to increasing installation of foreign companies from the oil sector in the state, the paper discusses the virtual office services offered by Linq Brasil, already acclaimed by two companies related to this industry. Antoine Duchêne, Director of Linq Brasil, indicates that other European businesses, willing to take advantage of this growing market, are considering joining the business hub of Linq.

Rio, August 20th 2012 – Linq Brasil has just been honored by O Globo, the second largest newspaper in Brazil and n°1 in the state of Rio de Janeiro.

Located in the heart of Centro, Rio de Janeiro’s business district, the new business center Linq Brasil offers the ideal solution for any company wishing an establishment in Brazil. Offering 23 offices ready to use and adaptable in size, Linq can provide a privileged workspace by the sea and also offers all the necessary services to quickly access the Brazilian market. These services not only go from the creation of a business and the opening of a bank account to the recruitment of local staff, but can also provide help for managing import/export, sales and communication. Financial commercial and accounting services, marketing and communications, high-end concierge and catering services can them too be solicited: thanks to its network of expert partners and relay points located across the country, Linq Brasil offers all the required knowledge to face this thriving BRIC market.